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Welcome To Pregnancy: Getting Through Your First Trimester

By Barbie Carpenter

Life is moving along normally until you wake up one morning, pull out a pregnancy test, and see that plus sign appear three minutes later.

Suddenly, you are flooded with a range of emotions, from excitement to fear. You will continue to experience emotional and physical changes over the next 12 weeks. Learning what to expect during your first trimester will ease your transition to motherhood.


You might not yet feel pregnant, but you will face a range of emotions during your first trimester. You might be overjoyed about becoming a mother and simultaneously fearful of what lies ahead. Accept that these emotional changes are common, and you will be able to move through the highs and lows of early pregnancy with ease.

Talk to your partner about your emotions—share your fears and excitement. Having an open dialogue about the next nine months—and beyond—will help you work through the roller coaster of emotions that pregnancy often brings.

Prenatal Health

When you get that positive pregnancy test, give your obstetrician a call to set up your first appointment. Most OBs do not see patients until they are eight to twelve weeks pregnant, so be prepared to wait a few weeks before your first appointment.

Your doctor’s office will likely suggest you start taking a prenatal vitamin right away. In addition, cut out smoking and drinking, which can harm your baby. Reduce caffeine, and maintain a balanced diet—as best you can with morning sickness looming.

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