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Top Tips For Traveling With A Toddler

Bring along items with which to entertain your toddler.

A coloring book and crayons, portable DVD player with his favorite DVDs, stuffed animals, preschool laptops and other items will keep your little one entertained on long rides or flights.  Pack all the toys into one convenient tote that you can pull out when you sense he is getting restless.

Pack your child’s favorite blanket, pillow and stuffed animal to make sleeping away from home easier.

Toddlers often find it hard to settle down and rest in unfamiliar surroundings, so anything you can do to create the feeling of home away from home is helpful.

Ensure that your toddler gets plenty of rest during the trip.

When families go on vacation or to visit family and friends, naptimes often fall by the wayside.  Without regular naps, your child is more likely to be cranky and fussy, so schedule regular times that he can nap and the other members of the family can relax and unwind.

Include activities that your toddler will enjoy while away from home.

A trip to a petting zoo, lunch at a child-oriented restaurant, participation in hotel activities offered for youngsters and other activities all break up the day for your toddler and keep him from getting bored.

While traveling with a toddler is a challenge to most parents, when you prepare ahead of time, you’ll reduce the hassles that many families encounter. Having a toddler is no reason to skip vacations or feel that you’re tied to your home.

Simply pack your bags with all the essentials and hit the road for a grand adventure.

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