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Top 10 Ways To Help Your Baby Learn

Whether you believe it or not, babies are constantly learning. They take in everything they see, hear, and touch! Research has shown baby learning DVDs don’t have a big impact on baby’s intelligence as parents are led to believe. Babies actually learn more from their environment, playing games, and exploring new things.

There are many ways you can encourage your baby to learn about new things and they aren’t very hard to incorporate into your daily routine. Chances are, you already do most of these things!

1. Read to baby!

Although he or she can’t understand the words, reading to babies when they are very young can help their brain development and help them understand words when they are older. Helping babies have an interest in books when they are very young will help them to enjoy learning once they are older.

2. Play games with baby.

Studies show that babies learn the most from human interaction, so try to spend the majority of time interacting with your baby. Peek-a-boo is a great game to play and a baby classic. Peek-a-boo teaches baby object permanence. Plus, it makes them laugh and is loads of fun.

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