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Tips For Having Fun With Your Baby On The Beach


Taking your baby to the beach for the first time is a beautiful, albeit a bit stressful experience, because you don’t know what to expect. Here are our tips about what you should bring with you when taking your baby for a swim.

Sunscreen and hats are your best friends, but even with this kind of protection, stay in the shade with your baby and don’t go to the beach when the sun is at its highest. Don’t forget to bring lots of water too!

Disposable swim diapers are a must, even if you’re not fond of them. Regular diapers aren’t made to endure that much water, so disposables are your best and easiest option.

Cornstarch everywhere! It will be a lifesaver when it comes to diaper rash, not to mention that it makes cleaning of the ever clinging sand much easier.

A beach tent is an excellent solution for when your baby wants to nap and you want to be sure that it’s away from all the sand and the bugs.

Baby carriers are great for travelling, but strollers might be more practical for the beach, because they can be used as a vehicle for transporting all the stuff that you need through the sand safely.

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