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Tips And Tricks To Tone Down Toddler Tantrums

By Jeff Besada

For many parents it becomes a waiting game after a child is born. They wait for the baby to sleep through the night, wait for the baby to start eating solids, wait for the baby to be potty trained or wait for their little one to start talking. Tantrums are an unfortunate part of this waiting game.

As infants become toddlers they sadly begin to rear their ugly heads. If temper tantrums are not handled well from the start however, children are only encouraged by their continuing existence and toddlers then learn to manipulate their parents as a result.

Thankfully there are several easy strategies to keep in mind that can help you manage a toddler tantrum so that it resolves quickly and you don’t give in to your child’s demands.

Provide distraction

Through no fault of their own, toddlers believe the world revolves around them. Naturally, when they can’t have everything they want, they rebel. It’s during times such as that when they are also very prone to distraction.

One of the best routes you can take if your toddler has a fit is to simply move on to something else. For example, you can suggest playing with another toy, engaging in another activity or making them laugh with a silly face or impression.

The quicker and more enthusiastic you are at distracting them, the better chance you have at success. If you do end up being successful, try and remove whatever trigger that initiated the tantrum if possible.

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