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The Facts About Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks: The Truth and The Myths

They are a big fear for pregnant women. They can make you completely change your view of your body, your comfort level with it…and your wardrobe.

They threaten to banish your bikinis from bikini season and make you never want to see your waist in the mirror. This nemesis of women is stretch marks.

If you know the facts about stretch marks, such as what causes them and what they actually are, you are better equipped to sort bogus miracle cures from things that will actually help you prevent stretch marks.

1. What are stretch marks, actually?

Stretch marks are caused by the skin stretching rapidly to accommodate sudden tissue growth that happens underneath your skin.

This occurs when you rapidly gain weight, such as during pregnancy. The sudden tissue growth actually tears the middle layer of your dermis, or the second layer of your skin. These tears, once they show themselves as similar to scars, are what we call stretch marks. 

Pregnant women are the most likely group to develop stretch marks since the skin stretches considerably and rapidly in the abdomen and breast area. People who lift weights can also develop stretch marks, especially on their arms. Even adolescents are susceptible to stretch marks as their bodies grow quickly.

2. Stretch marks are inevitable: true or false?

Most women, about 90%, do get stretch marks when they are pregnant. Does this mean that it is impossible to avoid stretch marks? Is there any hope for a woman who is expecting?

Most articles you will find on the internet, and most doctors, will tell you that stretch marks are inevitable. They will tell you that there is no way to prevent them and that genetics dictate whether or not you will be left with these scars. It seems like a hopeless case!

However, not to fret as there is some good news for women. Stretch marks are not inevitable. While genetics can increase your chances of getting stretch marks, they do not dictate your future. There are actually things you can do to lessen your chances of stretch marks.

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