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Save Your Sanity: Eight Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms

By Jaye McCaffery

As a stay-at-home mom of young children you’ll be all too familiar with feelings of frustration.  Sometimes it’s a struggle getting from one end of the day to the other without blowing a fuse.  Here are a few tips to keep the men in white coats away!

1. Phone a friend

If you spend most of the day at home alone with the kids, it can become a novelty to hear the sound of another adult human voice.  Use any excuse you can think of to call a friend. The pretext of phoning someone with a quick question could lead to a few minutes chat that reconnects you with the outside world.

2. Invite someone over

Ask another stay-at-home mom to bring their kids to play with yours.  Don’t worry about the tidiness of your house!  The point is to enjoy social time with another person.  Don’t wait for them to ask you.

Make the first move and you could find that one or two ‘play-dates’ a week opens up a new social life.

3. Take a break

Yes, you may laugh grimly at this one.  When it’s hard to find a minute just to go to the bathroom, finding a few moments to sit down is about as likely as the dinner cooking itself.  If you wait for the opportunity to take a break, it will never happen.  There’s always something else to be done.

So, leave the dirty dishes, the pile of laundry, the crumbs on the floor (yes, it’s hard). Make yourself a nice cup of tea and sit down for 10 minutes.

4. Get out of the house

If cabin-fever is setting in, get out.  Take the kids (on foot, in the car, on the bus) and go somewhere.  Visit a café or park, or just push the stroller to the end of the street.

Even half an hour outdoors can lift your mood.  It’s a change of scene and a break in the pattern, which can make your day seem less monotonous.

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