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Prenatal Yoga

When pregnant, any source of comfort or relaxation is a treat. There are numerous reasons to maintain positive physical health throughout pregnancy so as to best cater to the growing fetus’ needs.

Yoga is a gentle method of achieving both peace of mind and a sound body that can be easily modified to suit any woman’s pregnant lifestyle. Plenty of professional studios offer prenatal yoga classes that teach the proper ways of stretching while pregnant but careful self-study can be just as effective if carried out correctly.

If you have never done yoga before, starting with the most basic of poses is a requisite. Be sure to never lay down on your stomach and don’t ever push yourself too far. While your body is in such a delicate state, even minute stretches can stimulate the nervous, muscular, and cardiovascular systems to help provide an ideal environment for a growing baby as well as prevent as much damage to your body as possible.

If you have experience doing yoga from before you were pregnant, it will be necessary to relearn much of what you know. Many poses that were once a staple of your routine may become surprisingly difficult to achieve or maintain. Generally, you should be avoiding side and spinal twists. Although these are hugely beneficial, they tend to unduly stress the womb, potentially damaging both mother and baby.

You also won’t be able to truly round your back so spend extra time on all fours, stretching alternate legs and strengthening the back and lumbar spine. Don’t try too hard to force your legs close together, letting them separate naturally, and try to keep your pelvic floor muscles engaged at all times to ensure an easier deliver.

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