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Potty Training – What to Do When Your Child Resists

by Greg Hanson

Some children learn to use the potty before their first birthday. Others can pose a bit more of a challenge. Many fight potty training up to their fourth birthday and beyond. If your child is resisting this vital rite of passage, here are three tactics that can help.

1. Offer Rewards As An Incentive

Rewards can range from stickers on a chart to toys from a toy chest to time using an iPad. Whatever incentive will work for your child, give it a try. Just be consistent. Do not reward your child for a half-hearted attempt; reserve the rewards for when he or she actually goes to the potty or at least gives it a good effort.

2. Establish “Potty Times”

There are certain times of the day that lend themselves to a visit to the potty. First thing in the morning, after each meal, and before bedtime are natural potty times. Take advantage of these times to regularly get your child on the potty.

You can also set an alarm to sound every couple of hours as a reminder that it’s time for another potty break. In the meantime, watch for signs that you son or daughter needs to use the potty, such as swaying back and forth or, in the case of a boy, grabbing at himself.

If you can establish a routine that catches your child before spoiling a diaper, you will be on the way to potty success.

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