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How To Plan A Successful Baby Shower

A baby shower is a great way to show support to a mother-to-be. It should be a fun and relaxing time for all those involved. However, planning the actually baby shower may seem like quite a task. But don’t worry; as long as the mother to be has a good time, you’ve done your job well! The following tips should help you plan out the perfect baby shower.

1. Figuring out when to hold the baby shower may seem difficult.

After all, the mother is pregnant for an entire nine months! Make sure that you plan it between six and eight weeks before the baby is due. Any closer to the projected date of birth and you risk the chance that the mother has labor pains during the baby shower (and that would be no fun!).

2. Don’t over involve the mother in the planning of the baby shower.

Some baby showers are even thrown as surprises. Whether or not you want to do this depends on mother and whether or not she enjoys surprises. Either way, you want this to be a stress-free event for the mother.

3. The one thing you may want to involve the mother in is the guest list.

Who does she want to invite? You may be able to do this yourself if you share the same social group, however you don’t want to leave anyone off the guest list that she would want there! Remember that most baby showers tend to be for women only, although sometimes couples do attend.

4. Put a baby registry online for the guests.

The last thing you want is for guests to bring items the mother already has. She’s going to need a lot of things for her baby once it’s born, so make sure everything she wants and needs is on the registry.

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