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Great Ways To Keep Your Baby Entertained

There will be times when you need to keep your baby entertained, especially between meal and nap times. Here are five simple things you can do to keep them smiling.

Many babies love nothing more than listening to singing, so now is your chance to let your imagination run away with you and sing songs to your baby. A baby won’t judge you in the same way another person might, so don’t be worried to give it a go. Hopefully they will smile, gurgle, and even join in.

Sing a variety of songs, including nursery rhymes which normally go down very well.

If singing really isn’t for you then put on a CD of your favorite music. Your baby will let you know very quickly if they like the music or not. Make a mental note of what they respond to most and sing or play this music often in the future.

The baby will then build a happy association with particular songs and will respond positively the next time they hear them.

Babies are constantly learning and gathering information as they develop. Their sense of touch is a key way in to the outside world, so keep introducing them to new toys and surfaces. Of course, you must make sure that whatever they play with is totally safe, with no sharp edges, for example. There are many products on the market for such occasions, such as popup books, talking telephones, and countless toy animals.

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