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Flying With Young Children: Tips And Tricks

by Ellen Mady

You’ll never regret travelling with your child, even if you have one or two under the age of five. Whether you are visiting relatives across the country, or taking a family trip to Europe, Africa or Asia, a family vacation will create lasting memories and strengthened family bonds…

if you survive the flights without falling apart. Planning ahead and developing some systems to avoid unnecessary inconveniences can help a family with young children travel without incident.

Set a family friendly travel itinerary

Either fly during the day time so you arrive at your destination in time for your children to go to bed early and get a good night’s rest, or take a red-eye flight so your children can sleep through the flight. If your itinerary involves international layovers, make sure you schedule at least three hours between landing and departing again.

Having small children can slow you down in the airport. Leaving three hours between flights gives enough time to compensate for lost time if your first flight lands late, find your new gate, take a restroom break, and let your kids stretch their legs for a while before going back on the plane.

If you the purpose of your trip includes a scheduled event, plan on arriving to your destination at least 24 hours prior to the event so you have time to rest, freshen up and get acquainted with your surroundings before needing to be somewhere.

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