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Beginner’s Tips For Breastfeeding In Public


New moms are often insecure when it comes to breastfeeding in public, because they are afraid of being ridiculed and shamed. We suggest letting go of your worries and doing what is best for your newborn.

Here are some tips to have in mind:

If you’re concerned that you’ll show too much of yourself when breastfeeding in public, practice at home in front of a mirror. Maybe try on different clothes to see what best helps you hide everything, though your child’s head will cover pretty much your entire breast.

Another thing to always be aware of is that you have all the right in the world to breastfeed your child in public, as it is a natural process and it’s legal. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Your bra can make breastfeeding a breeze or a pain. Sports bras are often the best option because they can be easily moved out of the way when the need arises.

If you feel exposed while breastfeeding, then maybe think about a cover up, but check at home that it doesn’t bother your baby to be covered, as most infants tend to fuss when there is a linen covering their face.

In the end, if you see someone staring, simply smile and carry on, as you’re doing nothing wrong. If somebody starts complaining, have a response ready, and stay calm, polite and above the situation. Breastfeeding is a completely natural process, so never let anyone (including yourself) shame you for it.

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