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Are You Suffering From Postpartum Depression?

If you have recently given birth and you are now experiencing emotions that are leaving you feeling concerned about your mental health, you may be wondering whether you are suffering from postpartum depression.

After all, you may have heard that one in ten new mothers encounter this profoundly difficult problem. However, more than half of all women who give birth suffer from something called ‘the baby blues’ in the first few weeks of their newborn baby’s life, and although this can manifest in anxiety, tears and moodiness it is generally a very short-lived condition.

Postpartum depression, on the other hand, is a serious problem that can persist for long and painful months or years. Ask yourself the following questions and postpartum depression, and if you answer ‘yes’ to half or more then you should take a deep breath and make an appointment with your doctor about your concerns.

1) Do you feel extremely pessimistic about the future?

Although becoming a parent is a stressful and trying experience, it should also come with a great deal of excitement about the future. There is so much to look forward to (such as the baby’s first words and the development of its distinctive personality).

However, women with postpartum depression tend to feel hopeless and cannot bring themselves to be optimistic about the future. If you feel this way or believe that you will be a terrible mother, this is cause to worry that you may be seriously depressed.

2) Are you acutely anxious?

New mothers are always a little on edge about whether they are approaching motherhood in the right way. However, women with postpartum depression feel even more anxious than this.

If you have postpartum depression, you may feel a sense of impending doom, especially about your baby’s health or general wellbeing.

If you experience these sorts of feelings, take note and consider discussing them with an expert.

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