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8 Important Reasons To Add More Ginger To Your Diet

3. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties:

Ginger is also a traditional remedy for unwanted inflammation in the body, but modern science has been lending new support to the idea that this spice can help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Recent research has discovered that this important heart benefit owes to the presence of gingerols in ginger, which are chemicals that are capable of blocking an enzyme that raises inflammation and causes pain. This makes ginger an ideal addition to your diet if you suffer from inflammatory diseases like arthritis, asthma and ulcerative colitis.

In particular, studies on arthritis sufferers show that those who take ginger extract on a bi-daily basis suffer from less extreme symptoms and are less likely to feel the need to take over-the-counter painkillers.

4. It reduces your risk of developing certain types of cancer:

One fascinating study on ginger powder has revealed that it is capable of killing ovarian cancer cells in a lab environment. Further to this, a different research project has shown that ginger can dramatically slow the growth of tumors in the colon and rectum.

Since ovarian and colorectal cancers are two of the most common forms of cancer, ginger seems like an excellent anti-carcinogenic addition to your diet.

5. It can suppress some of the symptoms of motion sickness:

Since ginger can help to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women, it makes sense that it is also helpful with other forms of nausea. In particular, a large number of studies show that ginger can have a substantial impact on motion sickness.

People who use ginger to treat feelings of dizziness and sickness on planes, buses and cars often report a notable improvement. It is thought that ginger has the biggest impact on motion sickness caused by sea travel, and some research suggests it may be even more effective than Dramamine (which is the drug that doctors will normally prescribe to help treat seasickness).

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