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8 Important Reasons To Add More Ginger To Your Diet

Ginger is a delicious spice that tastes wonderful in tea, curries, and certain biscuit recipes. Most people have heard that taking ginger extract or adding ginger to cooking can result in some important health benefits, as it is a traditional remedy.

However, fewer people are actually aware of what these health benefits are supposed to be, and you may be wondering whether claims about ginger’s influence on the human body actually stand up to scientific scrutiny.

As it turns out, there are at least nine important and interesting reasons why including more ginger in your diet could improve and extend your life.

1. It is a natural antihistamine:

When you are suffering from a cold or are struck down by allergies, your bronchial tubes constrict. As it happens, ginger is a natural decongestant and antihistamine, so it has the property of dilating constricted bronchial tubes. This means that it can help to relieve some of the standard symptoms of colds and allergies (such as constant sneezing and a blocked nose).

2. It can make pregnancy less stressful:

The majority of pregnancies are accompanied by ‘morning sickness’ at some stage (though this name is misleading, as some pregnant women feel nauseated at other times of the day).

This can be difficult to treat, as not all drugs that are available to suppress or reduce feelings of nausea can be taken without risking the health of your unborn baby. However, ginger has often been advertised as helpful in treating morning sickness, and it should be safe as long as you never take more than one gram each day.

A large number of studies support ginger’s effectiveness as a treatment for morning sickness, and some of these even suggest that it works as well as vitamin B6.

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