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7 Things Your Mom Never Told You About Having A Baby

There are certain things your mother never told you before you got pregnant. Although they share many things with you, the weird and difficult are not really things you learn about pregnancy and having a baby, until you are actually pregnant. But, there are online guides, and resources you can read, that will at least give you some insight into the weird and bizarre that your mother does not share with you.

Some things you would never expect can happen, and many of these are normal with all pregnancies, others just with the first pregnancy. These are some of the things to expect, when you are expecting.

1. Your Body Becomes Veiny

Your hands, feet, chest, and every other part on your body is going to become veiny while pregnant. Dark blue veins are common, and they should not be a sign of worry for you. During your pregnancy your body’s blood flow is increased, and your body is pumping more nutrients to your baby, so expect to see more veins; especially women who are light skinned.

The lighter the skin, the darker the veins will appear, and these veins are quite prevalent on many areas of the body that you normally do not see veins. Even women with dark skin will notice thicker, bulging veins, this is to handle the blood flow that is working its way through the body during this time.

2. Everything will make you gag

Foods you love, your toothbrush, your spouse’s cologne; every and anything can repulse you and make you feel sick, and make you feel as if you are going to throw up. This is only common during the first trimester, and it should dissipate as time goes on.

But, don’t be surprised if your favorite food turns you off, or a drink of water causes you to gag when you are pregnant, especially during the first three months of your pregnancy, it is expected with new moms, and it can occur with each pregnancy, regardless of how many kids you have.

Things you love can cause you to gag, creating a love-hate relationship in the future.

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