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7 Overpriced Baby Products You Don’t Need

6. Baby Sunscreen

Although many sunscreens do contain chemical absorbers and possible irritants, which are not terrific for anyone’s skin, so-called baby sunscreens are not necessarily free of these elements. You’re better off checking the specific ingredients of a sunscreen and not worrying about whether or not the label mentions children.

And rather than relying on gobs of sunscreen to protect your youngsters from the sun, deck them out in long loose sleeves and sunhats.

7. Sweet Snacks for Children

Those tiny cartons of baby yoghurt look so cute, don’t they? And who could resist the Lilliputian fruit sticks, pea-sized cookies, and itty-bitty granola bars? Unfortunately, not all these wee yummies are any lower in sugar than their adult-sized counterparts. Their only advantage is the convenient packaging, but if you’re buying to eat at home, just stick with adult brands.

Plain yoghurt with a handful of fresh apple slices is far better for your baby than “baby yoghurt” that’s been pre-sweetened with apple juice.

In addition to these seven, you’ll spot dozens of other products geared towards babies and toddlers. Although it’s not always easy to tell what’s medically necessary and what’s a blatant rip-off, you can usually figure it out by comparing the ingredients lists. If unsure, check with your pediatrician. And you can put the money you save towards baby’s education.

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