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7 Overpriced Baby Products You Don’t Need

3. Toddler Formula

In days gone by, non-breast fed babies either drank infant formula or graduated to regular milk. Now, apparently, even toddlers are expected to drink formula. Better stock up – you don’t want your active 2-year old to miss out on the essential vitamins and minerals these products boast! Hmm…or could it be a slimy marketing ploy? Why yes, it is.

A healthy toddler with a nutritious diet has no need of any special formula. You can cross it off your list with a clear conscience.

4. Baby Juice

First of all, quit giving your baby juice! Nobody under three should be drinking juice, and if you don’t believe it, ask your child’s doctor and dentist to weigh in. Juice is high in sugar and simply unnecessary for babies. But if you must give your little one juice, you’re far better off pouring a small amount into a cup and adding water.

That’s all the baby juice manufacturers do –  and they charge you nicely for the privilege.

5. Salty Snacks for Children

Crackers and cheese are favorites with many toddlers, but do you need to buy the individually-wrapped kiddie versions? Absolutely not. Just as with sunscreens, it’s more sensible to check the individual ingredients of a savory snack product to determine whether it’s a good choice for your baby. Avoid products that are high in saturated fat or have more than 1000mg of sodium in a daily serving.

If you have the time, save money by buying cheese in bulk and cutting it into bite-sized pieces yourself, rather than paying extra for the grab-and-go varieties.

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