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6 Vitamins and Minerals That Will Help You to Become Pregnant

When you want to become pregnant, it is essential that you make a habit of monitoring your food intake and being sensitive to anything that is lacking in your diet.

For the most part, eating a healthy and balanced diet will be able to provide you with the vitamins and minerals that you need in order to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

However, you may need to take at least some supplements in order to conceive. Read on to discover which six vitamins and minerals are most likely to improve your chances of having a baby.

1) Vitamin A:

All women who are trying to conceive should have 700mcg of vitamin A each day. It promotes a healthy balance of hormones in your body, and this is vital for making sure that your body provides the right environment for the successful implantation of a fertilized egg.

Your partner should also make sure that he has an adequate intake of vitamin A while you are trying to conceive, as vitamin A improves sperm quality and production. Ideal foods to eat include mangoes, peas, carrots, milk, cheese, and cod liver oil.

However, note that you should decrease vitamin A consumption once you have actually become pregnant, as an excess of vitamin A may cause harm to your unborn baby.

2) Folic acid:

Most women know that taking folic acid during pregnancy can help to reduce the risk of serious birth defects in their baby (such as spina bifida, which affects the spine and central nervous system).

However, it is less commonly known that folic acid can also help you to become pregnant in the first place.

It improves female fertility and male sperm count. In addition to taking folic acid supplements, you can get folic acid from leafy green vegetables (such as broccoli and spinach).

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