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6 Top Tips For Surviving Natural Childbirth

3. Remember That Labor Is Not Pain Free

If you are choosing to not have drugs, your labor will be painful. No one can describe this pain until they have experienced it. There is no way to not have this pain if you wish to have your baby naturally. But remember that this is a natural and desired pain. When the pain is over, your baby will be in your arms.

Stay focused on the goal and work through each contraction however it is comfortable for you. Some women find that changing positions frequently helps, while others find one good position and stay there. If this is your first baby, try everything, as you won’t know how something feels until you try it.

4. Work With Your Body, Not Against It

Many women have made the mistake of fighting against their body during a contraction. Fear of the pain can make a woman fight against it, and subsequently, not be able to relax in between contractions. The time between contractions is very important, as your body must rest up and gather its resources for the next contraction. Learn to work with the pain, and not against it, and your labor will go faster and smoother.

5. Form A Birth Plan, And Write It Down

When a laboring mother is in pain, they may not remember or care that they desired a natural childbirth. They may scream out for an epidural, and when given one, scream that they don’t want it. Have your labor plan written down and make a few copies to give to new nurses that come on duty. It is important that everyone involved in the labor process understands the desires of the mother and is committed to helping her have the baby the way she wants to.

6. Consider Hiring a Doula or Midwife

Many women who have had successful natural childbirths have enlisted the help of a doula or midwife. These professionals are especially skilled in natural childbirth. For a woman whose husband is frozen in fear and does not know how to help her, these skilled labor coaches can help her get through it.

Every woman is different, and therefore every labor and delivery is different. Do not feel guilty if you plan on getting an epidural. There are various reasons why women may or may not want to undergo a natural childbirth. However, if you do decide to have your baby naturally, remember these tips to help you get through it.

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