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6 Top Tips For Surviving Natural Childbirth

There has been a recent trend in women to return to natural childbirth. Although epidurals have long been common, and many women still use them, more and more moms are opting for a natural childbirth.  A natural childbirth is a vaginal birth that does not include any medicine given for pain. Although it sounds scary to some first-time moms, there are a growing number of moms that insist this is the best way to have a baby. There are many reasons why a mom may wish to undergo a natural childbirth. Whatever the reasons are, here are six great tips to help any mom survive the process.

1. Educate Yourself

This is the most common advice given to mothers who express a desire to have a natural childbirth. The truth is that while education can help, nothing can truly prepare a woman for childbirth. Each woman and each labor and delivery is different, so everything you learn in a childbirth class may end up being null and void.\ On the other hand, you could have a textbook labor and delivery and be better prepared for it. Even if your labor differs from what you have learned in the class or by your own research, mothers who have had more than one child believe that education is important.

A woman who did not take classes with her first, but did with her second stated, “Learning labor positions and other ways to minimize the pain were so helpful. The second labor was longer, but much better.”

2. Find A Supportive Labor Coach

For most women, their labor coach is the father of the baby. However, there are times when this is not possible or desired. If this is the case, the mother should find someone who loves and supports her to help her through her labor. A good labor coach will be supportive, understand the mother’s wishes, and be her voice when she is unable to speak. Labor coaches may be required to massage or put on music or read or do any number of things the mother requires. They must exercise patience and care during the labor and delivery process.

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