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6 Super Foods For Your Toddler

Most parenting books will tell you that after your toddler reaches their first birthday, they are able to start eating normal types of food, mashed up. While some foods have better nutritional value than others, there is a group food that is known as “super foods” that are packed full of goodness for your young one.

The importance of these healthy foods doesn’t stop at your child’s development, but can be just as important in creating the right eating habits for their later life as adults.

1. Oats

The first super food that will be looked at is oats. Oats offer your child a long lasting energy source that will give them all the energy the need throughout the morning. Best served as a breakfast, oats also help to reduce blood sugar fluctuations as well as help their body get rid of unwanted cholesterol.

The best way to cook it is over the stove the old fashioned way. Oats cooked this way has a higher nutritional value than the “instant” microwave variety.

2. Spinach

Just like the old cartoons use to say, spinach is another great super food that can help your child’s growth. The vegetable is filled with iron, vitamin A and C, folic acid and calcium. The focus of what spinach gives your child is tied into their bone growth as well as brain development.

Spinach can be prepared relatively quickly and can be added to many types of soups and you can even add it to your tomato sauce (which kids love).

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