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5 Pieces Of Advice For Stay-At-Home Dads


Stay-at-home dads are a common sight these days and many fathers actually enjoy this experience, but they all agree there are ups and downs that one must count on. Here is some advice from dads that are rocking their stay-at-home status.

  1. Talk to your partner about everything. You should both know what the other’s in charge of and discussions on topics like cooking, cleaning, spending time together and night shifts with your baby should always be ongoing. You should both know where you stand so that there’s little room for misunderstanding.
  2. Be in touch with other parents, because they will often be the ones to get you out of your house and your head and you can bring your babies with you. You should try and reciprocate.
  3. Don’t be proud and ask for help when you need it. Yes, fathers are providers and protectors, but this role is different, and sometimes you need all the help you can get. Call your parents, close friends with children or other parents for advice.
  4. A schedule is necessary, otherwise you will get very lost very quickly. Your child, and you, for that matter, should have a clear understanding of when their meals and sleeping time are, and anything else in between. Routine will help you organize your days and do everything that needs to be done on time.
  5. A stay-at-home dad is a job and a remarkable responsibility, so you should take it seriously. Don’t be afraid of your mistakes, as they will happen, just strive to be the best that you can be.
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