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5 No-Cost Ways To Childproof Your Home

Having a child adds a great deal to a family. It adds additional responsibility, additional costs, additional hugs, additional smiles, and additional worry. New parents worry about how much their baby is eating and how often they are sleeping. As the child grows and develops, they worry about developmental progress such as rolling over and sitting up.

Starting solid foods brings with it another set of worries. Then comes crawling and walking and the worries multiply! Parents’ worries come down to the basic issue of safety and as children grow it is important to childproof. Childproofing your home can help put many of your concerns to rest.

Unfortunately childproofing can be an expensive task. There are many products available at local stores that will help you baby proof your home. Before you go out and spend all of your extra money buying every safety product available, try these 5 free ways to childproof your home and you might save yourself some cash!

1. Move things to a higher location.

If something is a threat to your child, then move it higher so it is out of their reach. If you’re not sure about whether something should be moved or not, get down on your knees and take a look from your child’s perspective!

2. Rearrange the furniture.

If you have furniture with sharp edges or corners, then take some time to move it out of the way or move the pieces to a different location. Remember that the situation is only temporary and you can bring the furniture back in once your child is a bit older.

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