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5 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman knows that she needs to eat better during pregnancy, but one of the big issues is eating the right foods. Certain things should be avoided while you are pregnant since they can potentially cause problems.

While there are plenty of old wives’ tales about forbidden food, there are also some foods that have undergone studies that prove they should be avoided until after the baby arrives.

Not all foods are bad for the baby, specifically. When you are pregnant, your immune system is naturally lower and may not be able to fight off an attack of salmonella as efficiently as when you are not pregnant. Being sick is bad for Mom, but in many cases, the baby is unaffected unless things get very serious.

Still, it’s best to avoid things that will make you sick, particularly since medications are limited in pregnancy. What should you avoid during the nine months of pregnancy? Science tells us that the following items should be left off the pregnant woman’s menu.

1. Seafood

While not all seafood has to be avoided, it’s best to stick to cooked fish that has low levels of mercury. Avoid tilefish, shark, swordfish, king mackerel and keep your consumption of tuna to less than 6 oz. per week. Raw or undercooked seafood can also carry parasites or bacteria that pregnant women are more susceptible to.

2. Raw sprouts

If you usually eat alfalfa sprouts on sandwiches and bean sprouts in salads, it might be a good idea to cook them first while you are expecting. Sprouts are very healthy for you, but because of the growing conditions, they can contain E.coli and salmonella.


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