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11 Tips To Protect Your Family From Seasonal Flu

By: J.R. Schultz

Every year, over 200,000 people get hospitalized in the United States due to complications caused by influenza, or the flu.  Unlike the common cold, the flu can have very serious, even life-threatening complications.

Young children, elderly persons and pregnant women are among the most vulnerable to it. But everyone, no matter how sick or healthy, would do well to take steps to help prevent the spread of influenza.

By observing proper hygiene and minimizing contact with sick persons, you protect yourself, your family and the community as a whole.

So what can you do to guard against the flu virus this season?

1. Wash your hands frequently

You can catch the flu if you touch something contaminated with flu germs and then rub your eyes, mouth or nose.  Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water after using the bathroom, changing a baby’s diaper, touching a sick person, taking out the trash and so on. Wash your hands before you eat or cook.

It is especially important to clean your hands after you have touched things that may have come into contact with someone who had the flu.  Examples are coins, doorknobs or door handles, ATM keypads, telephones, faucets, items at the supermarket and shopping carts.

Many stores and hospitals have hand sanitizers and wipes near the exit that you can use.  Otherwise, keep a disinfecting hand sanitizer in your car, or wash with soap and water as soon as you get home.

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