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10 Ways Parents Of Infants Can Save Money

Having a baby is a joy-filled experience for most parents, but it is typically accompanied by an immediate increase in household expenses, too. For parents who may already be living paycheck to paycheck, it is vital that they quickly learn how to cut corners. Here are ten suggestions that can equip parents of infants to save money and live within a budget.

1. Watch for sales and stock up then.

Everything eventually goes on sale, including baby supplies. Whether you are looking for a one-time purchase (such as for a crib) or an ongoing expense (such as food or diapers), watch for sales and make your purchases then. Of course, this requires that you anticipate your needs in advance; otherwise, you will not have the luxury or waiting.

If you consistently scan the weekly flyers and take advantage of sales to stock up on essentials, though, you will be able to save money on almost every purchase you make for your child.

2. Opt for cloth diapers.

If you can handle the mess and the inconvenience, using cloth diapers can be a major money saver. After you make the initial investment in the diapers themselves, the only expenses you will incur will be for soap, water, and—unless you hand-wash the soiled diapers—the cost of operating a washer and dryer (which you would likely be using anyway).

3. Use generic disposable diapers.

If you prefer to avoid the mess and inconvenience of cloth diapers, disposable diapers are your next-best alternative. While name brands like Huggies and Pampers dominate the market, there are generic brands available at a much lower price. Try a few different brands to determine which ones work best for you and your baby.

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