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10 Common And Unhelpful Myths About Being Pregnant With Twins

Finding out that you are expecting twins can be both exciting and terrifying. You may have heard all sorts of things about twins, and it can be hard to tell the difference between the truths and the scientifically unsound rumors.

Read on to discover which ten common claims about twins are actually myths, and find out exactly why these claims are false.

1. Identical twins run in families:

As it stands, there are no scientific studies that suggest identical twins run in families. That being said, it seems that some families pass on genetic information that makes you more likely to have non-identical twins. Specifically, the likelihood of releasing more than one egg per month (i.e. hyperovulation) may be genetically inherited.

2. Every pregnancy begins as a ‘twin pregnancy’:

Although this is a myth, its origins are easily explicable. Early pregnancy scans have revealed that more pregnancies than were originally anticipated actually begin with two fertilized eggs (before one is reabsorbed due to a failure to thrive).

However, this is quite different from it being the case that all pregnancies begin as twin pregnancies.

3. If you have especially bad morning sickness, you are probably pregnant with twins:

There is no reliable connection between being pregnant with twins and experiencing an increased amount of nausea and vomiting during the pregnancy. Some mothers of twins have terrible morning sickness, but so do some mothers of single children. Similarly, some mothers of twins have almost no morning sickness, and the same is true of some mothers of single children.

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